Our Story

In our family and in our family business, we hold true to the idea that every person has the ability to define their destiny and develop whatever talents fuel their passions. This philosophy is the foundation of our business. We are passionate about creativity, learning, and adventure.

The Bed Heads were developed over the course of several years. They started as drawings and have been crafted into fun characters that practically leap off the pages of our books. The Bed Heads adventure stories emphasize appreciating nature, growing as a family, and building memories, all while learning about science and history along the way. We can hardly wait to share their next adventure with you.

The Feathertons originated from the creativity of our second oldest daughter. One day, she brought home a picture she had drawn at school. Her drawing of six little birds had so much personality. Our oldest daughter wrote a story about the little bird family. We named them, "The Feathertons," and they have become the main characters in our series of children's books.

We want to share our love for Wyoming. We believe there's a place for Wyoming in every heart and every home. Road trips are a timeless piece of history, and Wyoming is the best destination with all of our state and national parks, national monuments, and historic landmarks. There are lifelong memories to be made in planning, experiencing, and reliving family adventures. 

This family business is our adventure. And we thank you for coming along for the ride.